How to Keep Your House Clean with a Dog!

Ever wondered how to keep your house clean with a dog? Believe it or not, it is possible. Below are some useful tips to keeping your house clean and keeping you (and your doggy) happy!


  • Store toys in one spot.This way when your doggy is ready to play, they know where to go to get their favorite toy. Use a decorative woven basket, a metal basket, get creative! Storing the toys in one spot eliminates having multiple piles throughout the house.
  • Regularly brush your dog’s coat. By doing this on a weekly basis, it significantly cuts down on the amount of fur that is shed. If possible, take your dog outside when brushing it to prevent fur from floating throughout the house. Empty the brush outside, too. Birds love to use soft materials like hair for building their nests.
  • Change your air filters more frequently. Even with regular grooming, hair will be accumulate in the filters causing them to build up quicker than if you did not have a dog.
  • Store food in closed containers.Keep food in containers with lids prevents the attraction of unwanted house guests like rodents and insects.
  • Use a doggy place mat.Your dog could careless about their etiquette while eating but using a place mat under their food and water bowls will help tremendously with spills. Simply pick up the mat and dump directly over the sink or trashcan. Voila!

As with anything, like how to keep your house clean with a dog, consistency is key. So start now and be on your way to a clean house!

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