Doggy It’s Cold Outside! Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in Charlotte’s Cold Weather

We all know the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. With evening temperatures expected to stay below freezing in Charlotte through the weekend, remember that our furry family members are affected by the frigid temperatures, too. They are thinking, “Doggy it’s cold outside!” If you are cold, they are, too!

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to stay in the dog house to have fun! Check out these Savvy girls, Scarlett and Luna!Who says you have to stay at home in Charlotte when it’s cold?!

Simply because it is cold or even snowing, does not mean your doggy cannot have fun. Here’s Isa, practicing her “place” command on a giant snowball last winter. Jake, her trainer at The Dog Wizard in Charlotte would be so proud! Just remember to limit their time outside.

Once back inside, be sure to wipe down their bellies and paws of any salt or other substances used to treat the streets. These can be toxic to dogs if they are ingested when dogs lick their paws. Make sure to keep your dog hydrated, too. And to keep them occupied while they’re inside, give them a chew toy or other treat!

Here are some tips for keeping your dog safe in Charlotte’s cold weather.

  • Keep their fur long and do not shave them down to their skin. The extra fur will help keep them warm.
  • If your dog spends a lot of time outside, increase their food intake particularly protein.
  • Make sure they have a warm place to sleep, off the floor and away from any windows or doors that could have drafts.
  • Puppies are more sensitive to the cold than adult dogs. If you are house-training your puppy, consider paper-training them during especially cold days.
Check out The Humane Society of Charlotte for more information on keeping your dog safe in Charlotte’s cold weather.


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